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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful…

Our gates are open from 8am until 6pm. You cannot enter or leave the sanctuary outside of those times. Of course we are still available outside of those hours for our guests who are staying overnight. In fact, some of our activities require you to stay overnight.

We offer Rhino Trekking, Birding Tours, Wildlife Treks and a Shoebill Trek. You can find a lot more detail about them on our Adventures Page.

If you are visitors to Africa, entry into the park is (USD) $20 for adults. Rhino Trekking is $30, the Shoebill Trek is $25, Birding Tours are $20 and Nature Walks are $20. You can see a full breakdown of our prices on our Bookings Page.

Yes. We offer different levels of overnight accommodation. We have a clean and secure campsite and various guest houses to cater for couples, groups and families. You can learn more on our Wildlife Ranch Page.


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